Inspire one another

Going down the sidewalk leading to my house i was stuck in my head arguing with myself. Is my life ever gonna look up and what else could possibly go wrong? But as I continued contradicting myself I fell into a realization, the lord don’t give you anything you cant handle. I mean my life practically come crashing down. I was just about to my give everything up forever cause life isn’t treating me very well, but as I listen to my thoughts and words flowing out of my mouth i realized my life is what I make it and regardless how much I complain, it’s not gonna get any better until I take that initial step into the right direction. The next step is removing all negative thoughts as well as negative people. You cant take bricks from a old foundation and try to build a new one, that will not help the change for the better. I feel relief after praying and cleansing with tears. I feel even better realizing that no matter what life throws at us, there is always a rainbow after every storm.


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