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My Happy List Week 2

@ellie925 has started a new challenge here on Virily, and I thought I would post my lists now.  I decided to post both subjects in one article.  If you’d like to check out her post with the rules you can go here —> My Happy List – Week 2 

Things I am grateful for:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • That my son is happy and healthy

This list may be short, but they are the most important things.

Little things that make me happy:

  • Waking up earlier than I need to and knowing I can sleep longer.  It may be strange, but I am not a morning person so I love being able to sleep longer.
  • Warm weather (but not hot)
  • Photography/arts/crafts
  • Sunsets
  • My son’s smile/laugh
  • Good food
  • Good movies/shows/songs
  • Good blood sugars (not something everyone will understand, but I am so glad when my numbers are in a good range)
  • The feeling when the house is clean/ laundry is done/etc
  • Getting good feedback on my work


What do you think?

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  1. Such a wonderful post, thank you so much for joining! Eli’s smile can make everyone happy!
    I think I forgot the first one; it’s a great feeling to wake up and realize that you can have a few more hours to sleep. 🙂 And the feeling when the house is clean and all the housework is done is amazing too! 🙂

    • Thank you very much….was good to think about these things…so great challenge! 🙂
      And I’m glad sharing his smile can make others happy!
      Yes, the sleep thing can be awesome lol! And cleaning is not fun, but it is amazing once it’s done!


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