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Ihumatao – Current News

The Thumbnail and first 2 photos are my own photos but the rest gained by the internet. I could not find the link but used them for purposes of this important issue.

I have often gone through this area to refresh my horizons on a drive and it is like the “Lungs of Auckland”. Now Fletcher has bought land to put houses on it.

It threatens the current Ihumatao village and heritage. The first Maoris to arrive in New Zealand over 900 years ago was “Kupe” and this is one historic place where he visited. 

The New Zealand European, confiscated the land of Maoris. It belonged to private owners here who sold the land and moved on. 

Here is the plight of the people of Ihumatao village. Ihumatao means “The Nose of the Chief”. This whole village existence is threatened by Fletchers, as it will mean that final blow of cutting off their National heritage and history. The sacred stream is threatened by pollution and these beautiful scenes I took with my camera will all be gone.

#1 Ihumatao View of Manukau Heads

Mostly farmland here. Ihumatao is near Auckland airport.

#2 Ihumatao view of Mangere Mountain.

Part of the lovely land.

#3 Protests

Members of Ihumatao protest, as they say, it is a "World Heritage site".

Yes, they are right!

#4 Police Presence

Now more and more Maoris are arriving to be here to either support Ihumatao or wish more housing for Maoris to be built.

I have to say, that would be a misunderstanding. Fletchers may say to the Maori they will do the Maori a deal.

Watch these people, you can bet your bottom dollar, Fletchers will call the shots!

I know these type of people. Never deal with people like that.

#5 The area.

Ihumatao is by the red dot. towards Wiri, and the Red dot, is Auckland Airport.

There is a black line that goes towards the top of this and that black line is Mangere Bridge, across the water is Onehunga where I live. 

#6 Day and Night Protest

More and more people are coming and staying in tents on the land 

For this reason more police turned up and there has been disputes on both sides.

To be honest, I am hoping that Ihumatao wins, They deserve to live here. 

#7 Protesters

I would have taken photos here, but we could not even park here to go and take photos.

A question, if it was your people's tribe homeland and heritage, would you sell it for a bowl of portage?

What do you think?

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