I identify myself with Michael Jackson

This might sound weird to you but I really do identify myself with him….

What do I refer to?

Well I identify myself with how lonely he felt sometimes and with the pain he had to go trough when being judged for his looks.

Because of ignorance or simply because they want to, people say things that can be really hurtful. I’ve been called weird, wacko..and the one thing that I can’t stand is being analysed from head to toe….it gets on my nerves…

And even if I don’t show this anymore there are moments when I feel it hurts like hell.

On the other hand I like to involve myself 100% in my work. I just hope that one day I will really get to make a difference in my work domain.

I consider him a role – model worthy to be followed.


What do you think?

Written by alina65447354


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  1. My friend, every choice, in any case, must have consequences and risks. The more clearly we are seen in society, the more we are judged, followed or hostile. The more different we are from the general trend, the more negative chirp. If we want to appear, want to be different, want to lead, to be a trendsetter, become an idol, we must have a mentality of steel and bravery without limit! Way to go, the universe is the limit, Alina!

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