How to make everyone like you and support you

No matter what you are doing in your life, you are probably doing it so to get to the final result. The final result would be achieving your goal which, if you only believe in it and yourself, is nothing complicated to say so. However, only a small percentage of the people enjoy the path to the goal. Most of the people put their goals on the list only because they will feel happy and satisfied when they get their. They forget that the purpose of the goal should be enjoying the present reality and all the way long to their aim.

It is more than normal to face obstacles and problems on the way to the top. The brave and confident people do not have the word ‘problem’ in their dictionary. They use the word ‘challenge’ instead, so they face challenges. Most common challenge when our dreams are in question are the people in our surrounding and especially their opinion about our goal. This is where all the demotivation begins.

In order to overcome this type of challenges, one tries to modify its goal and its own strategy in how to achieve it, just because of the other people’s opinion, just because he does not want to hear critics nor mocking. And this is where he begins to struggle.

Let me tell you the strategy to deal with such people who are zero supportive so they will get to like you just as you are:

There’s no way to be liked by everyone! The good news is that this is totally fine!

Mind your own business, stick to your believes, motivation, goals and purposes, accept everyone’s opinion but never ever let yourself be affected nor determined by it! The number of the people living on this planet is enormous, therefore everyone is different. The way people see you and talk about you is the way they see themselves if found in the same situation.

Believe in yourself, work on yourself, try to be the best version of yourself just for you, and let them criticize who they think you are!


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  1. You’re right, Elena!
    The social media world frenzy is amazing. As an observer, my wife often opens a discussion with me about it, for example, one of the Indonesian artists who is currently listed as the artist with the most Instagram followers in Asia, behind it, so many haters who criticize whatever she does or doesn’t do, her outfit, daughter, whatever. The great thing about her is that she never reacts to bully or anything that’is so negative and even vile. Imagine how much time, money, and energy will spend for fighting, trial in court if she behaves as a loser that is too easy to hurt. Until now, she is a megastar who always appears every day for several hours on various TV channels. She even becomes a part of the formula: “If we want to make our program booming, we should involve her, at least for our first program.”

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