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Colder weather is the perfect excuse to find refuge in the warm indoor shelter or a sumptuous outdoor oasis. Indeed, many homeowners have now awakened to the full potential of spaces like bathrooms and pools that can serve as the epicentres of relaxation, fun, grooming, and beautifying.

And considering the amount of quality time we can spend there, I see no reason not to splurge on such a privilege. Maybe you want to relax after a vigorous swim or create a mesmerizing indoor home spa that indulges all your senses: whatever floats your boat, you shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of your dreams.

Interior spa magic

The basic dilemma revolves around opting for an indoor or outdoor spa. The latter option is more demanding in terms of remodelling and requires an outdoor space. So, let’s start with the former.

Visual appeal and sublime style may be a priority, but do not overlook the functionality of your space. I would advise you to start the project by de-cluttering the space and setting the stage for all the bells and whistles you want.

After all, you need ample space for all your toiletries and towels. For a smooth experience, install a state-of-the-art countertop in a beautiful and durable material such as granite. It will give you space to work with and also act as a statement piece.

Furthermore, upgrade showerheads (consider a massage one with multiple settings) and bathroom appliances for added functionality and a dash of style. Invest in under-floor heating to feel the warm embrace, even during the coldest of mornings.

To go the extra mile, assemble a home sauna and reap the amazing benefits of toning and softening your skin.

And to witness the visual magic, you need to get your lighting right. I would recommend dimmers and smart lighting features. They allow you to shift the atmosphere from clean and bright to soothing and soft, all according to your mood.

Those who want to take the illumination to new dazzling heights can do so by installing mirrors that bounce light around the room. Task light above the mirrors do the trick and so do sconces on the sides.

It is recommended to use calming colours to soothe the soul and put together a pristine space. For accents, use lavish accessories and décor pieces and let your personality show. Mix in a bit of nature in the form of house plants and consider aromatherapy for extra bliss.

A Pure Comfort

When we talk about an indoor spa, the last but surely not the least important aspect is the air quality. This is the basic step that we can easily overlook while thinking about the sparkling warm water and fancy decor solutions.

Finally, the spa experience is all about beauty and health which is unimaginable without the air quality free of odours and bacteria. Considering this, it is very important to be informed about the best air purifier that could complete our experience.

So breathe in – breathe out and embrace the comfort.

Outdoor splendour

If you want to go big and opulent and you have a yard at your disposal, I would recommend a killer combo of pool + hot tub. You will be able to submerge yourself in warm and nurturing water under the sky and then have rejuvenating hot-tub hydrotherapy.

Well, you can make it happen and attach a spa to the indoor pool setting. Decide how many and what type of jets suit your needs. One other key thing to factor in is the size, which depends on the spaciousness of your yard.

As for concrete options, there’s something for everyone. A Jacuzzi-style pool is a special treat, with its bubbly water. You can also go for larger Jacuzzis that accommodate a whole crowd if need be.

Mind-blowing opportunities abound and involve stunning examples like Endless Pools’ Dual-Temperature Swim Spa, which includes two separate sections with temperature controls. Those who are also blessed with a majestic view should choose a sleek infinity pool and immerse in the great outdoors like never before.

Regardless of the specifics, if you ask me, an outdoor spa should be more than a personal retreat. It is potentially a breathtaking entertainment and party area. So, ponder implementing eye-candy like coloured LED spa lights to spark interest.

A luxurious, serene sanctuary

There you go. You have many ideas on how to pull off a spa in your home or yard and absolutely no excuse to forgo the incredible opportunity.

Come up with a plan, assess your wants and needs and give your bath the ultimate spa treatment. Let your imagination run wild.

You will be able to wind down from the day and recharge your batteries. Have a multi-sensory experience of your lifetime: cosy up in a hot tub and melt away your worries.


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  1. i have been to a local spa with my late mother and friends of family, and it is an interesting experience, especially for people who are stressed out and need to unwind. but they are expensive, which is why i mostly do it at home, maybe like once a month to give myself a facial, pedicure, manicure, and henna my hair. my townhome area has a jacuzzi and pool, and i often go to a gym for yoga classes. i would just need to pay for a massage, if i needed one.

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