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How To Plan A Perfect Australian Trip

Travelling around the Land Down Under can be an exhilarating adventure allowing you to see all the highs ad lows of this lovely country....

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The Compounding Problem of Gender Bias and Disability Prejudices

Living with a disability is not easy, but things seem to be even more difficult for women who have to deal with some kind...

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Good Cute Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that an ideal gift often depends on what you’re aiming for or what’s the...

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Top 6 Stylish Must-Haves This Fall

Fall is already upon us and if you're still sticking to your summer wear and haven't decided how to make a huge breakthrough with...

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Top 4 Winter Holidays Must Haves

One more summer is falling behind us, fall is going to pass just as fast, and before we know, it’s time to bring out...

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