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Go Home ~ 365 Photos Challenge #226

The morning will go home at noon, noon will go home in the afternoon, the afternoon will go home to the night, and the night will return to the morning. Yes, go home.

That how happy I was every time able to go home immediately before dark, to be greeted by a bamboo dance, blocked by Popeye and Susie in front of the gate, seeing smiles of families who waited at home, be hugged and kissed by my wives and daughters.

Well, you know, someone who goes out, leaves, and adventures, sooner or later, one day needs to go home. Everyone has to go home, or indeed wants to “go home”.

Home has a lot of meaning. The house is a very real place to go home, but it doesn’t always need a home, because going home can mean a return (return). To look for the roots of the past where they were once left. Home can also mean death, return to the Almighty, finish and end up in the cemetery. For a particular person, going home can mean returning to a higher self, after consciousness is brought by the mind of venturing into all parts of the material world. This understanding of going home also means fusion or union with Oneness, which does not mean death.


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