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Future Transportation ~ 365 Photos Challenge #241

The 18th Asian Games 2018 Jakarta and Palembang which were completed last week on September 2 have recorded great success. Indonesia has even offered to host the Summer Olympics in 2032 after three predetermined Olympic Games in which Tokyo will host 2020, Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028.

Jakarta residents who during the implementation have sacrificed by complying with various policies and traffic regulations for the success of the Games are now starting to be freer to use private vehicles as usual. That way, Jakarta’s traffic also began to recover which means it began to return as usual and began to return as usual means it started to jam like before.

With such conditions, I also tend to return to transportation using online transportation as I have done for the past six months. The choice gives me more comfort because the choice allows me to not be tired of driving, not thinking about finding and paying for parking, and of course not having to stand up and wait a long time at the side of the road to wait for a conventional taxi. Indeed, the car used is not as comfortable as a private car but that choice feels more ideal and also definitely reduces congestion due to the number of private cars.

Really, I am curious about how Paris and Los Angeles will manage their traffic congestion later when carrying out the Olympics, as well as Jakarta if elected as the organizer of the Olympics in 2032. Or is it possible, the mode of transportation in the world in the next few years will be far different from what is happening now along with current fast of technological developments?


What do you think?


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  1. LA and Paris have considerable traffic issues. As previously when LA hosted a modern Olympics they will implement very strict traffic rules. The goal for the 2028 games is that most of the events will be located in a small (relatively) area. People would park outside the city and bus to the locations. That is the dream at least. We shall see.

    Great post! Congrats on the great success with the games!

  2. I’m not sure about them but I’ve heard in a talk show that Taiwan has invented an “autonomous cars” that they’re pushing to be used to ferry people around the Olympic Village… that is of course unconfirmed news …

    So who say they can’t have such transportation ferrying spectators to the stadiums/venues. That would definitely cut down traffic jams? I’m not sure because it would depends on how many events/venues are there in a day.

    And also Congrats and thanks your country for hosting a great Asian Games!!
    My family and I enjoyed it very much!!

    • Some kinds of autonomous cars have been used in the Asian Games in Jakarta, so there will definitely be more powerful transportation systems in the future, for example, autonomous flying cars with very different traffic systems.
      Thank you for your appreciation for my country. What are you enjoying from Asian Games?

      • Haha, yes! That’ll be great, autonomous flying cars!! But I wonder if Albert will fund those cars… haha…

        The games I enjoyed the most are Table Tennis (TT) and I caught some good dives and saw some sports I’m not familiar with like sepak takraw! Awed at the athletes’ ability to kick way over their heads and those jumps! OMG!
        Surprisingly, I didn’t catch any of my favourite swimming events this time round :/

        It’s a little disappointing that we aren’t doing as well in TT but a bronze is good enough.

        • If I am a conglomerate, sure I will fund the development of the vehicle from the existing prototype.

          Hey, we have in common, we both like table tennis. But I really like badminton and that’s what I watch most often. Sepak takraw is great!

          What is unique is that you can see the table tennis and I don’t, I can watch swimming and you don’t. Maybe the choice of our respective TV channels.

          • Yeah, I guess table tennis is huge here… and we telecast most of our matches. Our hopes are mostly in TT and swimming … I missed swimming but I believe I can watch it if I had know earlier. Was 4 days late on this game.

            And ah, I quite like badminton too (watched a few matches). It was the first sport I pick up when I was young.


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