Dr. Pepper Dreams, Jim Croce Memories

Dr.Pepper Dreams

Jim Croce Memories

If I could save time
In a Bottle
And take a moment out
Ever so often
I’d be ten again
And you would be my best friend.
We’d laugh and cry together
Like little girls do
And fall asleep to Dr. Pepper
Fueled Dreams.

If I could dial 0 and ask
To talk to you just once more
I’d say sorry for the distance that Kept us apart,
And I’d Cherish the time we had together more.

If I could capture a Moment
And pull it out ever so often
It would be us piled into that
Old Toyota.

If I would have known that
Goodbye all those years ago
Would be goodbye forever
I would have held on to Friendship
A little stronger.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell,

We reconnected on Facebook in 20012, but sadly she passed away In May, having turned thirty seven in April.


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