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Don`t Cut The Trees

I don`t understand peoples fears, heck I don`t even understand mine but I also know that progress cannot be made without taking risks in life.

Sometimes everything falls into to place perfectly and other time you struggle to get it right. If you never get it right then it was not meant to be in the first place but you had to try and make sure.

The lifestyle I have chosen to live at the moment is the nature lifestyle, doing as much as you can yourself without electricity. But there comes a point where I have to have some powerful tools to get the job accomplished. So I chose an electric saw, yes I know but it seemed to be the safer choice, a plus i already owned one.

For two winters and some falls I have kept the homestead from being eaten alive once more with small trees and over grown bushes.

There comes  time when that heavy duty extension cord won`t reach where you wanna go, soooo…. time for a gas chainsaw, Yeah!

All happy with myself I gassed it up, using the right mix junk, filled up the chain oil section. Followed all the starting instructions….. but….nothing. I about pulled my arm off and it would not start. Big Sigh. I was so ready to feel that power in my hands.

Later I asked my facebook friends for any tips to start one, and of coarse I got the “can`t crank it, don`t need to use it.” that always makes me pissy mad.

Later I was talking to my boyfriend, I had said something about staying fit and I like to work outside, etc. but I couldn`t crank my chainsaw, well his response makes me smile……

He said “What do you wanna do with a Chainsaw,For Goodness sake honey you are a woman and you shouldn’t be cutting trees.”

I had mentioned no worries because I cannot crank it.

He added “I know honey but you shouldn’t be doing all that anymore, you have me by your side to be taking care of you,as soon as I am home I won’t support you going into the forest to cut trees, I swear.” 

And that is how you communicate online. At times nothing is as it seems and I smile because of forest. I have never thought of my property as forest but ya know, it is.

By Andria Perry

Photos by  Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. I lived in an area in Latvia that I could wander from forest to forest and I always thought it was wonderful living in a sort of forest kingdom. Then one day came progress a bridge was build and trees disappeared and then the path we took to the library thank heavens on one side left a forest of sorts but on the other side we wound up walking along a highway SIGH the magic was gone


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