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Dark Thoughts

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Sometimes dark thoughts threaten to overwhelm us, surround us and drown us.

They are heavy, suffocating and sometimes it seems easier to give in and surrender rather than fight them.

They take you to the edge of a terrifying abyss where everything looks bleak and hopeless and invite you to bury yourself under self pity, sorrow and depression.

However at these terrifying times, it becomes very important to fight, to breath and dispel the darkness around you because the alternative is even more scary.

Once you fall down this abyss of darkness, depression and self pity, it is very difficult to crawl out of it. At those time, we need to find our inner strength, remember our blessings, things which give us joy, things which make us smile and very much like Harry Potter’s patronus, we need to find a source of joy strong enough to drive away the dark thoughts.

That source of joy could be your family member or a sympathetic friend, a book or meditation, a hobby or prayer, a memory or a walk but it is very important to have something that helps you fight and defeat your dark thoughts.

I find writing very cathartic. It calms me when life threatens to overwhelm, it brings me joy. Frankly sometimes it keeps me sane and I am grateful for this outlet.


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Written by Dawnwriter


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