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Easy Eye Care Tips

Our eyes are a great blessing from God. They let us see the rainbow in the sky, help us read a book, write an essay, admire a painting, choose colourful clothes and matching shoes and help us navigate our way through a crowded park or street. Without eyes or good vision, the world would be a dark, blurred or a scary place.

Eyes play a major role in our everyday lives and yet we do not pay much attention to their care. Here are some tips for eye care:

The room where you study or work should be well lit.

Do not stare into your computer monitor or the TV screens for long periods of time. Rest your eyes as often as possible. One tip to reduce eye strain is to keep the eyes closed for a few seconds after every twenty minutes of ‘screen time.’

Doctors also recommend that you look at some distant object from time to time instead of staring continuously into the computer screen for hours. Blink several times at regular intervals. This will help in better focusing.

Chemicals in the air, dust particles, and infectious agents like germs and bacteria can also harm our eyes. Wash your hands and face regularly, especially after coming home and playing outside to prevent eye infections.

If your eyes feel tired, dry or itchy, soak some cotton balls with cold water or rose water and place them over your closed eyes for a while.

The ultra-violet light in the sun’s rays can be harmful to our eyes. Wear protective sun glasses when going out into sun especially in the summer days or shield your eyes with wide –brimmed hats.

Never use sharp objects carelessly. Knives, scissors, screwdrivers etc. should be handled very carefully.

Eat foods that help maintain good eye health such as green leafy vegetables, cold-water fish like salmon, tuna as well as nuts, beans, eggs, blueberries, strawberries, cherries and grapes and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

Never use expired make-up things like eye liner or mascara.

A good night sleep is also essential for fresh eyes. This allows your eyes to replenish their lost energy and be prepared for the next day’s work.

Keep used tea-bags in freezer and place them over your eyes for preventing dark circles. Cool cucumber slices and thinly sliced potato circles can also be used to refresh tired eyes.

It is important to keep our eyes healthy so that we can enjoy seeing the world around us clearly even in our old age.

Take care… because your eyes deserve it!


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