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Children show us how to live

The most beautiful creatures on earth are the children! Let’s recall some things that we can learn from them. Just because they are doing better than us. Read all this and you’ll see it is true. I hope you can think about what I suggest if we can change a bit myself.

“If you bring childhood into yourself, you will never grow old.” – Tom Stopard

“Adults do not know that the child can give extraordinarily good advice, even in the most difficult case.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

“Children are often smarter than adults and always more sincere.” – Maxim Gorky

“Maybe only childhood comes closest to” real life. “- André Breton

Children sincerely enjoy the pure joy of movement. They like to run, they love the rain and touch the water. And, of course, puddings!

“Children are able to do everything (except to fly, although they want it more than anything).” – Seth Rokin

Children are artists and fantasters. If something happens in their imagination – it is so! They love drawing, inventing games, and being actors.

“Every child is an artist. The question is how to stay up when he grows up” – Pablo Picasso

Children love all animals. Unreservedly. And they are always willing to come to their aid. They even love frogs and spiders.

Children communicate in the most incredible ways. They make friends with each other quickly. They are faithful and selfless friends. They love to embrace and do it heavily. They forgive the only faithful way – immediately and forever.

“Our children teach forgiveness – you punish them and they embrace you in a minute.” – T.J.

“There is nothing more unselfish than child friendship.” – Arkady Averchenko

Children are always busy with something. They look at the world with wide open eyes and explore how things work. They enjoy the most amazing things and truly fall in delight. They adore dandelions and soap bubbles.

“Children are born curiosity about the world, and what adults usually do in the presence of children is unconsciously suppressing their curiosity.” – Neil de Grass Tyeson

Children are always happy and when they laugh, they are sincere. They love sharing their happiness and doing it constantly.

“There are three things adults can learn from children: to be joyless, to always be busy with something, and to strive with all their might to what they want.” – Paulo Coelho

Children are pursuing their dreams in an incredible way.

“Children are born with their own optimism, they have the purity and simplicity that we can only dream of.” – Mesel Ndejeocello

Children invent their permissions without using ready formulas. They do not worry about the way they look, and about what others think.

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