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Changes and Memories

The last few weeks have been strange,  but necessary.  I went from being extremely active in my Church, working with the kids, being involved in committees to not being able to attend church and all, and as necessary as those actions were, It was a strange experience.  Our Pastor as many others have started strea service in the case of our Pastor it is done through YouTube.

I think the hardest part in all of this has been how it has kept me away from what I love the most, some of my family, and the kids.  Thankfully I still have Little Miss on occasion, but right now she is at home, not feeling well, don’t worry it’s not Covid, and she is on the mend.

I am grateful though that early January before the closures, my cousin, her daughter, and her friend, and myself went to Disneyland and we had a blast.  I has actually never been to Disneyland before then.

Now I have been keeping myself busy with writing and I do go to the Church from time to time to drop off treats to our Church kitty, Mr Grace.  He is very much loved and spoiled by our congregation and someone goes to feed him twice a day, but I like to bring him goodies.

Mr Grace, guards our churches campus throughout the Pandemic and before….


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  1. Things sure have changed, and I wonder how many of these “things” will now be the new normal? My daughter in law was planing on being a teacher for grade school kids. Now she is worried. Good job on your pastor taking it online!!! 🙂 And that picture made me smile real big of you all at Disneyland. So, that was your first time? Did lil miss enjoy it? Did you enjoy it? I went about five years ago, we met up there on Christmas day, just me and my kids. It was so much fun with them being adults. I had taken them as kids, but this was almost better. Almost. 🙂 Stay safe Chica!

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