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Brezje, Slovenian national shrine of Mary, part 1

I had some work today. Since it was a wonderful sunny day, I decided to visit even a small village Brezje. I looked at the beautiful church – the most beautiful in our country. Brezje, a typical mountain village under the Karavanke, with the basilica of Mary help the main Slovenian maria temple, the place of peace, love and hope.

Today’s Brezje village is undoubtedly the most famous for the help of the Basilica of Mary, which attracts pilgrims from all over Slovenia and many foreigners. The Glory of Brezia began in the 19th century, when the miraculous images of Mary helped to make miraculous exhaustion. On the site of today’s pilgrimage church in Brezje, the first church stood in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Today’s mighty new Renaissance church is the work of architect Robert Mikovic from Graz and was consecrated in 1900. The facade is richly decorated with mosaic symbols, inscriptions, rosette and other artistic decoration. In the atrium between the church and the monastery there is a chapel of St. Frančiška Asiškega, made in the style of the Slovenian mountain hut. The atrium is decorated with mosaics. In 1988, the church of Mary helped Brezje, Pope John Paul II. Declared basilica. In 2000, the aid in the basilica of Mary was proclaimed a Slovenian national refuge. He is taken care of by the Franciscans who set up a monastery near the church.


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  1. This Church really fascinating me, so different from our Italian Churchs so full of art, and paintings and complex in the architecture. This Church hit me with for the precious simplicity of his architecture and the white and blue colors that I love it. Thanks for sharing.