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Blanket of Love Tattoos

A friend of mine lost her husband to a motorcycle wreck on the same road as my late husband did over a year ago.

She has recently added tattoos to her body. I use to have a hard time understanding this type of art. Now I have much respect for it. I have always been fascinated by it, but too chicken to actually have one put on my own body lol.

Every tattoo on her body has a precious story behind it.

Grandchildren’s footprints

This tattoo is all about her loving grandchildren. She has all of her grandchildren’s footprints on this one. She fought to survive for them as well as her own daughters.

Todd and her Dad

On the end by her wrist is the last message her late husband todd wrote her. it has his own signature on it. This to me is so special, it must make her feel his presence when she looks at it. This one has another special meaning, but I can’t seem to read it. See if you can read it, put it in the comment box. I think one side has to do with her late husband Todd, and the other side has to do with her dad that died a few years ago. They were close!

The butterfly tattoo

I can’t remember everything she told me about this tattoo, but it has to do with her daughter’s favorite colors. This is another Blanket of Love symbol of her love for her family. This blanket of love I believe is still helping her live more at peace, knowing all this love surrounds her daily.

The Puzzling Mystery of Love

The last one says something like “A piece of me left the day God called you home.” I can’t read it all but that is what it means.

Tattoos can feel like a Blanket of Love when love surrounds it.


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  1. “Every picture tells a story” . She has created a marvelous ink memorial to her husband and found a unique way to celebrate her family love. I would personally require a lot of Tequila to even look at the needle before getting any kind of ink like that, but God bless her that’s great.


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