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Beautiful bathroom than home

In today’s world, people are eager to build beautiful and luxury homes and this is why some curious people spend millions of money on renovation, but today I will tell you about a woman who decorated the bathroom beautifully.

South Hampton resident Joel Angel renovated her bathroom based on a beautiful theme that cost her $128 only. The lady said she liked the theme ‘Pretty Women’ and that is why she worked to make the bathroom beautiful.

She said that the more I decorated my bathroom, the more it looked like an Art Deco motel in Miami, and I wanted to do more. Joel Angel said, “I just bought tiles for $ 5 for my bathroom and 3 to 9 dollars for LED lights. In fact she didn’t spend much money on anything to make her bathroom look beautiful.

She purchased everything from a charity shop that had $ 4 glasses, 4 candles for $ 2.

The 33-year-old Joel said all the decor in her home was purchased at a low price, but the bathroom is the most beautiful and unique part of her home.

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