Why Adultery is so Devastating (Women)

When a woman marries, in many cases, she takes the man’s name. His name, and his environment. She adopts to his life. She goes where he wants, eats what he wants, believes what he does, so that ‘her’ life becomes ‘our lives’ but is actually ‘his’ life.

This is the major mistake most women make.

To give up her life, her dreams, her world, to become an appendage to his universe.

In traditional societies, and old fashioned moralities. this is ‘standard’. In more modern day, this is still done, but not to the massive effect as in the past.


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Yet, many women still live his life.

There are women who do not take promotions because it would cut into their family. Women who turn down postings far from home, because they can’t expect their husbands to come with them.

There are women who leave their careers to stay home and take care of children. Women who stop attending clubs and other get together so as to be with him.

When a man is married to a woman like this, and commits adultery, he takes her life. For without him, she has no life. She invested herself into the marriage, and he is investing himself into another woman.

Considering how prevalent adultery is today, women should not give up their lives on marriage.


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Written by jaylar