Acid-Reflux Type Medications

Many people today take medications that help conditions like acid-reflux and many other similar conditions. I have been taking an acid blocker for a long time. Read the link below and see if you still want to take these type of drugs or look for more natural alternatives. 

I am not telling anyone to stop taking their medication that treats conditions that these types of medications are used for. Some people many need to take these types of medications. You could talk to your doctor to find out if they think there is a risk to your health or not.

Read more about this information here. I use an acid-blocker for my acid-reflux condition. I am not sure is I can find something natural to substitute for Zantac or not, but I am going to try.

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Written by LaJenna


  1. i have acid reflux. i just take tums, herb tea, or just drink a lot of water. i prefer natural alternatives. sometimes, doing exercises helps.