I Need Some Fun!

It’s time to have a little fun on Virily. Here is how and why it works. It brings the community together. Everyone who participates gets to enjoy the rewards and it is something different. Here are the details. It’s a simple game of tag. You will get a personal message from someone who is playing tag. It will contain a link to a post that you go to and read, comment and if think it’s worth it and share posts share it. Then you tag someone with a different link. No one loses. Everyone wins and we might just laugh some today.

I will begin by tagging ten people if you don’t want to play just reply to the message that you don’t want to play and we will move on through the members. 

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    Is this just a crazy idea?

    • Yes
    • No
    • no
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    Are you going to join me anyway?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. Great idea Ghostwriter. Unfortunately, I beg not to play as I have been feeling slightly under the weather lately and I have never shared a post and also my eyesight (due to new cataract and glaucoma) is slowly going under. I am still waiting to see an ophtalmologist for possible cataract surgery and glaucoma eye drops. Sorry about this. I just finished writing a new post and also commented on some other posts and my head is just about going to explode right now with a blowing headache. Again I apologize.

      • Thank you for the heads up but I hope I will not get quite like this. I am sorry to hear about your predicament. My cataract is not showing yet and my glaucoma seems to be of the open angle type which is fairly common. My headaches are probably caused because despite the fact I do not see well I still watch TV and of course I strain my eyes to see the picture plus I still try to maintain a presence here on Virily and survey sites etc. Again thank you for choosing little old me and I apologize again for choosing or rather not being able to play. Hope your idea works out to bring Virily out of its hole….

          • I already wear bifocals (actually since I was 12 years old). The optometrist who first diagnosed me with a cataract and possible glaucoma stated it was not worth my time and money to buy new lenses now as I will probably need surgery. I am still waiting for the ophtalmologist to see me but with the Canadian health care system degrading, more so in Quebec where I reside, it might be a while before I see him and have surgery….

          • Same case here. The health system is chaotic. Sorry to hear that. Surgery will help a lot. I have eye allergies that sometimes cause eye ache, headache and irritation. I was told glasses won’t help in any way.

    • Well, this should make you laugh. One of your posts in the first groups to tag. No pressure to play at all. I just need a different distraction and a way to include more people. It’s all good. I may be the only one and that is fine as well.

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