7 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Boost Your Memory

The Seldom-Publicized Statin Drug Side-Effects
You’ve likely heard about the muscle soreness and fatigue associated with certain cholesterol drugs. But, taking statin drugs to lower your cholesterol could also…
1. Wipe out your entire memory
2. Harm or even destroy your liver
3. Exacerbate digestive problems
4. Elevate blood sugar levels
5. Completely crush your libido
6. Damage your nervous system


* You can practice meditation to adjust your “brain waves” and improve your ability to remember in as little as 8 weeks.
* Drink coffee. The caffeine in it helps you manage or consolidate memories.
* Eat blueberries, which are full of flavonoids that strengthen existing neuron connections in your brain.
* Believe it! regular exercise can rejuvenate your memory.
* Chew gum. This frowned upon action actually helps increase your hippocampus activity, which is a key area in your brain for
* Take a power-nap to recharge your brain.
* Optimize your cholesterol levels for optimal communication between neurons sharp and your brain cells healthy.


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  2. Interesting piece. Chewing gum, while it might be good for your memory, is bad for your stomach and can cause, or irritate existing, ulcers. It’s also awful for the environment!

    Aside from that though, I definitely learned a new thing or two. Thanks so sharing. I’ll get out the blueberries!


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