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5 Tips to follow for a Good Day

There are five habits you should follow in the morning, so that your body will be wide awake during the day. Could you make out what are they? These habits are waking up, stretching, drinking lemon water, reading newspaper and having breakfast.

  1. Get up and stand out: People who wake up early in the morning, feel much fresh than those who wake up late. It is because the morning air is still clean. People who wake up late in the morning also suffer shock in the body and brain after sleep, when they move. There is need for a time lag that can be used as a time of preparation of the body for a relaxed and readiness to get up and move.
  2. Stretching: Stretching the body is essential for your body because it will be moving throughout the day. Stretching is a form of exercise that you can do for at least ten minutes in the morning. Parts of the body that needs to be trained for the stretch out exercise are the neckline, shoulders, back, and legs.
  3. Drinking lemon water: Besides drinking water after waking up, you should also increase your drinking with a glass of lemon water. It is required for your body’s metabolism. If you drink lemon water, your body will feel more energized and will not become tired.
  4. Reading Newspaper: Reading newspaper in the morning can be a good warm-up for your brain. When you are on the move, your brain will be ready to process all types of information.
  5.  Breakfast: Breakfast is definitely very important for your body’s staying power right through the day. People who do not like breakfast will be deficient in iron. If intake of iron is reduced, the circulation of oxygen in the body will slow down and in due course of time our thinking will also slow down.


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