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Wispy waspy workers…

I guess most of us might run of shrieking for the bug spray at the sight of a wasp nest close to the house, but believe it or not wasps are not all bad!

They do a not-too-shabby job of eating crop-destroying bugs like weevils, caterpillars and other foofie little grubs. Apparently they are so good at this job that in some cases farmers import wasps to protect their crops instead of spraying. I certainly don’t mind if they chomp up the pesky critters in our garden that demolish our plants.

Whilst honeybees do a much better job of pollinating plants because they have hairy legs, wasps actually also help pollinate plants.  This is good news because I think the bees need all the help that they can get these days.

These dudes have made a home in the crook of our garden wall. They stopped what they were doing whilst I was taking this photo and stared at me.  (Well, that’s what it felt like – all those bug eyes… ) Felt like they were getting ready to attack so decided not to get too much closer.

And you know you want to… go on – say wispy waspy workers ten time times in a row!!


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Written by Ginny Stone

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  1. Wow, they are looking straight at you! I would’ve backed away for sure. I didn’t know they helped in the garden though, I guess it makes since. I’ve been stung by so many different kinds. I guess the yellow jacket is one of the worst, but it doesn’t even compare to the red wasp. Man when they hit you it feels like someone slapped you, then the sting starts stinging. lol

    • I didn’t have my glasses on Kim – so could not actually see them staring at me with quite the same intensity as I did when I zoomed in on the picture. I’m not fond of them (or their stings) either but I guess live and let live is the way to go.

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