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Shiny Floor Like a Mirror

My photo does not do this justice, and was taken before I put on all the coats, but at least you can see how the screen door is reflected by the polish on this very old floor.  The shine is so glossy that it looks like it is resin coated.  This is where I drag my golf bag in from the outdoors and if it is raining, maybe I step on this in my wet and muddy golf shoes as well.  It is an entry way that needs to stand up to a lot of abuse.

Since the floor polishing product I used said not to use it on wood, we will see how it holds up over time, but so far it is awesome and definitely up to wet feet, which it certainly was not before.  In fact, it looked a wood in a barn floor.  That bad!

It is inexpensive and easy to apply, so if I mess it up the fix will probably be easy.  All this month I have done little other than steam cleaning carpets,  yanking up ikky old carpet, pulling out tacks and staples from the subfloor, pounding in nails, and putting down vinyl tiles.  Whew!  Gotta love being retired.


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Written by Ann Hartley


  1. I do see a little bit of reflection/shine in the photo so kinda get your point
    but I do not use floor polish so I don’t know what they really do…

    but hmmm at least it makes the floor shine

    • I used 3 different products on this floor. First seal was RainGuard “architectural” grade Satin-Lok High Gloss Sealer withy Micro-Lok which I had left over from a deck at my other house. I used the RainGuard because it brought out the luster of some really neglected wood Then I put down 2 coats of Zep Stain Resistant Floor Sealer. That is the one that said not to use it on wood, but I used it on top of the RainGuard instead. I finished with 4 coats of Zep High Traffic Floor polish and instead of mopping it on lightly as they said to, I painted it on thickly with a paint brush.

      If it ever starts looking dull, I have no intention of stripping and reapplying it as suggested in the directions. Instead, I plan to periodically wipe on a thin new coat of the polish. I’ll let you know how that works, but I expect it will be quite some time before this needs maintenance.

      I bought the Zep for my new self-stick vinyl tiles in the bathrooms. I haven’t decided how to maintain those yet. I was planning on using a Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner on them, but not sure how this polish will react to the heat.

    • Nopers, not me. I have seen enough people retire and then within 3 years just become couch potatoes and die. . My amazing friend who left me the fixer-upper had been retired 50 years when he passed on. He played golf almost every day and finally passed peacefully in his sleep. I want to be like him when I grow up.

    • Hi LaJenna, that entry is such a tiny space just in front of the door, but I am busy working on other floors, too. I want to yank up a lot more of this old carpet, but that job is probably going to have to wait until next summer.