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A rose different views by txatxy

As a photograph can change both by touching the levels y curves

Curves in PhotoshopUnder this suggestive name hides one of the most complete tools for controlling the contrast, shadows and brightness of a photograph, in short, its entire tonal range. The same as the levels do but perhaps in a less intuitive and more accurate. When you see them for the first time impose respect, but when you are in control you are the master of the program.

To the natural with all its splendor

She is still a rose but already quite changed from the original, it is as if we change clothes

With reds and blues, give it a magical air

In black and white, this is very spectacular, dramatic and beautiful,So it depends on the nibeles that you put your photos can change completely of appearance

To each more beautiful, different, equal,Like ourselves with different hairstyle and different clothes


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