Living Space Home Decor Models 2017

This year, I attended the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza, mostly to do a video on the ten living space models. Although they are outdoor living space models for your patio or backyard lounging, I think they would also make cute rooms inside your house. For the first time, these living models were judged to pick the top three home décor styles out of these ten models on display. I didn’t really have a favorite because I thought they were all cool and inspiring.

If you want to remodel or renovate your house, then it would be cool to use ideas from each model for a different room and you would create a cool and modern house.

I did a separate video spotlighting the top three winners in this home décor contest, in which each winner received a different color ribbon, depending on if it was first place, second place or third place. I always like the one with the live animals as props. This year, it was cute finches inside a huge cage. Last year, it was cute and fluffy hens inside a large cage. I also have a video for last year’s ten living space models.


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