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Florida’s Biggest Trends in Pool Design for 2017

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It’s a great time to upgrade your home with pool and spa as the months of June, July and August seem to be the hottest time in Florida. As pools play an important role in the life of Floridians, designer pools are very popular among them. The constantly evolving pool technologies and designs provide more choices to Floridians to upgrade their pool for this summer. Here are some of the pool design ideas to keep in mind while upgrading your pool:

Vanishing Edge Pools

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If you have a beautiful scenic backyard and looking for a luxury pool, vanishing edge pools will be the better choice for your residential property. Vanishing edge pools popular in a wide variety of names such as zero edge pool, infinity pool, negative edge pool or overflow pool. The vanishing edge pool design is creating the illusion that your pool water is overflowing to the catch basin to give your pool an effect of water extending to the horizon.

Tanning Ledge Pools

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Recently, most homeowners incorporate tanning ledge or sun shelf into their swimming pool as it is a safe area for children and an ideal place for being exposed to the sun. It is a raised platform within the water, so you can also place a couple of lounge chairs and an umbrella. The average depth of these shallow area is usually between six to 12 inches. A tanning ledge may allow aged people to enjoy the pool without getting into the water.

Fire Pits and Bowls

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Another latest attraction of residential pool is fire. The combination of fire and water provides amazing visual treat while enhancing the appearance of the pool. Fire bowls and fire pits are the two popular formats of poolscape fire. It offers a better ambiance and a bit of warmth that allow you to enjoy your pool for a long time.

Advanced Pool lighting

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With the advent of LEDs, you can change the entire look of your poolscape. The RGBW technology can provide your pool with a stunning color palette. Although most homeowners opting for dark colors to illuminate water, the light colors are even better to keep the cooling effect of your pool water.

Pool Automation

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The recent years have seen the rapid growth of automatic control systems. Today’s technology allows residential pool owners to control the temperature and lighting of your pool by using a smartphone or tablet even from your office or while traveling.

Smaller Pools

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Nowadays, most of the people with big backyards choose a simple and small swimming pool as it is no longer a necessity. The smaller pools are also known as swim spas or spools. However, with these type of pools, you won’t be able to organize a pool party or play volleyball. The smaller pools are mainly for people those who want to play with their children or take a simple dip. In case of smaller pools; pool construction and maintenance is cheaper, so it saves your money and space.


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  1. I love the spiral swimming pool slide! My kids would go crazy for that! Who am I kidding? I would go crazy for that. I also love infinity pools or vanishing edges. I have noticed that small pools are becoming more and more popular due to trending smaller living spaces. I think it’s very cool and leaves a lot of room for creativity! June, July, and August are scorching here in Texas, too! From your friends at:


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