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How To Enjoy Your Winter Garden Guaranteed

In South Africa, we experience Autumn in April and as anyone knows, worldwide, it is a season that offers a very limited amount of choices as to what we can plant. So, while I was looking around for some new plants to try out, to bring some color to my drab and dull winter garden,  I was happy to come across an exciting new plant, at our local nursery which I’m dying to try out, it’s called Nemesia Nesia or “Banana Punch.”

The plant, is a wildly fragrant indigenous flower ideal for a winter garden. The plant needs to be grown in a sunny, warm bed or window box and is ideal for sandy soil. These plants grow 30 cm high and don’t need much water which, is another reason why it is such a perfect winter plant.

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Written by Andre Hartslief


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    • Hello Branka, I hope you are well. Thank you for commenting on my winter flower article. So, In your country, you call the same flower Voila? We have another indigenous flower with a name like that, it’s called an African Violet. Thank you for sharing that information on my page.

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