What are your 5 Faves About Your Space?

Saturday, July 07, 2018

I was bored, traveling the internet and seeking something different. I ended up back on YouTube, looking for interesting videos. I noticed a Japanese video about Vogue Japan. As I watch it, I realize that Vogue Magazine probably started the walk-in closet glamour craze. I remember on Sex in the City episodes, as well as The Devil Wears Prada movie, there was a huge walk-in closet, which was associated with Vogue Magazine, although in The Devil Wears Prada movie, Runway Magazine was code name for Vogue Magazine.

In this video, Hikari Mori lists her 5 favorites things about her place, couch, walk-in closet, chandelier, music, and entranceway. I am not sure who Hikari Mori is, but I like checking out indie foreign stuff anyway. So, this video was like watching a short indie film in Japanese.

Then, I decided to list my 5 favorites things about my townhouse, besides freedom and independence.

  1. I love my mini-loft style living space, which includes the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Since I am single and I don’t use a dining room table for myself, I had decided to transform my dining room section into my office, where I can simultaneously work on the computer while watching indie channels on TV. It also helps me be more productive, when I need to work on the computer and still watch a show or movie in the background.
  2. Two cushions that I bought from Urban Outfitters for my old wicker couches. They are a perfect size for my old couches, and I love the blue and white design. But I covered the cushions with blue and pink Mexican blankets to keep it clean, as well as adding many old pillows—some are mine and some are from my late mother’s house, and throw blankets for that cozy, Boho style. I often like to work on my couch while watching TV, whether working on my graphic novel, balancing my bank statements, or other tedious tasks.
  3. The Moroccan cushions and pillows for often the perfect place for my coffee breaks or sometimes eating my meals while watching something on TV.
  4. My small studio room has my drawing table and daybed. I have worked on big projects in that studio room, sometimes until falling asleep on my daybed. Sometimes, during my insomnia days, I hung out all night in my studio, lounging on my daybed until I dosed off.
  5. My whole bedroom is like my Personal Walk-in Closet. It is probably the same size as a celebrity walk-in closet. Everything I need to get ready is inside my bedroom, which includes the bathroom. All my clothes, accessories, makeup, skincare, and radio.


What do you think?

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