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Vertical Laundry Room Is The Ultimate Space-Saver For Your Home

Maybe you would agree that the laundry room is at least favorite in the house. Having a special room for doing the laundry sounds like a good idea. But why? It will increase your productivity and save you time. Having the stuff together will make the whole boring process so much easier. Having too little space i your house can be a challenge. But, yes you can fit a fully functional laundry room in a tiny corner somewhere in your house. Read on and find out more about vertical laundry room that is the ultimate space-saver for your home!

If you are lucky enough to have a regular sized laundry room, then you will pass so much time there. Seems like going vertical is the right thing to do when struggling with small homes. You can save some precious space that way. It is small, compact, but offers you functionality so you can do your tasks. And what are the basic necessities that a laundry room should provide?


Having a separate space for doing laundry means that you should have the proper storage. There are so many things that you will need, so it’s better to have them at one place. Installing cabinets sounds like a good idea. Divide the items that you are using frequently, from the ones that you use occasional. The most used ones should be easy to reach and properly organized.


Use light colors


Keeping the laundry room elements in light colors will be a good idea. It will look well organized and “clear”. Try to hide some of the items with curtains or slide- doors.

“Laundry cabinet”

Did you know that you can squeeze in your laundry supplies in a big cabinet? This is the best idea for small spaces. You will be able to finish doing your laundry, ans when you close the door nothing will be visible. Going vertical with your appliance can be done this way.

Ironing station

If you think that you don’t have enough space for an ironing board, then this will be the right solution. A portable one that can be moved will do the job. Having a drawer with that is the best solution. Your laundry room won’t have a massive ironing board lying somewhere and causing mess when you don’t need it.


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Written by Kristina

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