Vanity Desk Ideas for Modern Diva

Ever since there have been puddles of water, human beings have gazed at their reflections. The rituals and need of primp and preen always existed among humans. Vanity has a long history, people! 

History and archaeological findings show that even ancient civilizations used a lot of cosmetic necessities. Through the ages, as it was discovered, the vanity table was preceded by a vanity box, small version  that contained, as French would say, necessaires. 

The era of dressing tables started around the year of 1800. Throughout the modern era, these tables were used by men and women.

Today, the vanity tables are mostly implemented in the homes as women’s furniture. They are glamorous, cute or romantic, depending of the preferences of the owner. Some women, though, do not mind doing their hair and makeup in front of the bathroom mirror, but the feeling is different when you sit in front of a lovely vanity desk and pamper yourself. You definitely feel like a Hollywood diva!

Enjoy in the selection of different styles of vanity tables and pick your favorite!


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Written by Ana


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  1. i organize my vanity dresser with a tray, baskets, and those clear organizers. i think the most attractive ones are when everything is in one monochromatic color, whether all white, all peach, or etc.

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