Upgrade Your Home: Glamour Walk In Closet

Walk in closets are every girl’s (men’s too) dream. Remember the famous Carrie Bradshaw quote from the Sex and the City, when asked by Mr. Big if she wanted a diamond for their wedding, she said: No, no. Just get me a really big closet!

Spacious and luxury walk in is our wardrobe dream too. The clothes do not get wrinkled when organized properly. The bags, shoes and beautiful dresses get to be nicely displayed, organized and available in any time. We all like our (the biggest amount) money where we can see them: in our great closets!

Let’s see a selection of luxury, cute and very stylish walk- in closets that will inspire us!

Redesign one of your spare bedrooms, bathrooms, or whatever space that you have in your home which is not useful and turn it in a beautiful walk- in closet!


What do you think?

Written by Ana

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