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The Top 3 Advices That Designers Give For Coffee Table Styling

Coffee tables are a must have in every living room. They are there for holding a cup of coffee, or our favorite snacks. Their functionality is so important. And decorating a coffee table is very important. You want to keep it stylish, but without having too much stuff, as you need to keep the functionality. When it comes to coffee table styling, there are a few basic rules that professionals agree with. Despite the different styles, these rules should be considered. Read on and find out more about the top 3 tips that designers give for coffee table styling!

Balance is the key

While placing your decor, make sure you keep the balance. Having too many objects will clutter the table. Carefully choose what you will put as decor. A group of objects that look harmonious together will flatter your table. And be careful with big decorations. Having too large objects on a small table will look “heavy”. Go for a group of items with different height, that will help create a visual interest.

As you can see on the examples below, a well balance is achieved by adding different objects. When their height varies, it is very important to go it gradually. Go low, higher, and more high. That way you will have balance.

Which items should I decorate with?

If you want to make you table look pro, then go for well balanced items. Do not keep the height same. For example, make a combination of a pile of books, a decorative plate and candles. Having a group of three different objects with different heights will add dimension.  A higher element than the rest, such as a vase will give height. You can put a few decorative items in a tray and display them like that. Long rectangular tables should be visually divided into three sections, and decorate each one.

Too much is not necessary

Be careful when you place your decor. As the table has it’s own important function, such as holding your coffee cups and snacks, you don’t want to clutter it. Decor should give a special touch to your table. Make sure you have enough space for everything. Too much stuff will not look good.,2232,dekoracja-wnetrza-obrazami-i-grafikami-pomysly-na-galerie-scienna.html
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