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Ten basic mistakes in choosing furniture

Before buying a new mobile phone, computer or even a dishwasher, many of us are talking with friends, reading product reviews in magazines, comparing goods in different stores. It is strange, however, that in the majority of cases we do not really make the same effort when choosing furniture, which is a much more expensive and more durable purchase.

Here are the major mistakes made when choosing furniture.1. Lack of preparation

Most often people come to the furniture store without knowing what they want – not only without choosing the style, colors, shapes but even without knowing the room’s dimensions. Before going to the furniture store, you should take a room plan and write down all the measurements, perhaps even pick up some of your room photos and favorite magazine notes. An example of the color of walls, carpets, and existing furniture is also good. Think about whether you like the room like it is, would you like to change it and how?

2. Neglecting Proportions

Shop space can deceive you into a sense of proportionality. The furniture, which looks great in a store with the space of half football stadium with a 6 meters high ceilings, can appear being too huge in an apartment, with a ceiling of just 2.5 meters. Carry on a compact measurement in your pocket and measure the furniture before you buy. If in doubt, go back home and try to put a piece of similar size, or even a carton-based layout, where the new furniture should be driven.

3. Not evaluated different lighting

If the lighting changes, the fabric will look different. When buying furniture upholstered, make sure you take a sample of upholstery to your home and see how it looks at your home in daytime and night and is it compatible with other furniture, wall colors, and so on.

4. Not evaluated comfort of furniture

Never buy a chair, armchair, sofa or the like, without having settled down on it before, without lying down, or have not taken any other consideration for its convenience. If you choose furniture from the catalog, ask if there is another store where they have the same kind of furniture that you can try.

5. Impulsive purchase

It’s not easy to resist the promise of discounts, but try and think about whether this particular furniture is really necessary for your room, whether it matches the color of the walls, etc. When choosing furniture, you should not save money or rush to buy anything.

6. Overestimation of advice

The more opinions you hear, the more difficult it is to decide, so when choosing furniture, invite only one or two friends or relatives with good taste to the company.

7. Refusal of help

The seller knows the furniture really better than you (unless you’ve studied interior design or work in a furniture factory). Take advantage of that. It is much easier to choose high-quality furniture with the help of a knowledgeable person.

8. Shopping at the weekendAt the weekends, all stores are full of customers, and vendors are busy, so get better at the store on a business day, when they’re much more likely to focus on just you.

9. Ignoring the dimensions of the door and lift

To avoid falling into the reckless situation, when the bought furniture does not fit either the lift or through the window or the door, before you go to the furniture store, measure all possible places for bringing of furniture to the apartment/houses.

10. Financial distress

If you do the purchase at the time when there is no any discount, ask the seller, maybe they will apply a discount of several percents (especially if you buy several items), but keep in mind that furniture sales are not very profitable so will not likely to save you much money. Take advantage of the option to postpone payment, but only if you are sure that you will cover the full amount paying it in parts. Many people do not estimate their real income, and they have to pay huge interest, which makes furniture a few times more expensive than they would have been paying at once.

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