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Hi all,

I do not have a hammock on my porch or inside my home. When I was moving to where I live now I thought about what would I want on my porch to each being out there with the sun beating down on my face and enjoying the scenery. I am not a plant person. I do put my flags out after the rain is gone, but, I needed something  to sit on. I saw this in the store and had to get it. One of the guys at the store brought it over to me and my handyman or one of the guys put it up for me. Now, it stays there until I have to take the chair down and put it back up later. It is very comfortable and it twirls around and goes back and forth like a swing. I cannot go high on it, but, I just love it. I wonder if any of you have something like this in your home or on your porch. I know I did one on a hammock, but, I do not have a hammock and wanted to share with you what I do have and enjoy.


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    • Gloridaze,
      This is not a hammock. This is a swing chair I saw in a store that I decided I wanted to put on my porch when I moved here 7 years ago. I did not have a porch like this before. I also wrote a post on a hammock below this one,.


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