Steller Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers, and Pantry

There is little doubt that the kitchen is the most important room in the home. The kitchen is where the family gathers to have meals, but also to talk about their issues, successes, and goals. This is where they come together as a family to deal with life.

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When friends and family drop by, They will usually get comfortable in the living room, but someone will venture out to the kitchen to visit and enjoy coffee.

“I would love to have a beautiful kitchen, but it’s too small.”

This is a sentence we hear time and time again. When we show the homeowner what they can do with their limited space, without sacrificing the functionality and beauty of the room, they are often shocked.

Make the most of your cabinet space

More and more people are going to the ready to assemble cabinets that come ready to assemble with instructions and all of the hardware needed. Just by looking at normal people (just like them), assembling their cabinets, they know they can do it too.

Make the most of your cabinets. Buy a few tiered expand-a-space organizers. They look like stairs. You organize your shelves by going up. This prevents food from getting shoved to the back of the cabinet and forgotten about. With the stair type organizer, it is easy to move older product to the front so it will get used first.

Tip: if you continually have to throw things away because the date passed the expiration date. Use a red marker and in big numbers write the date on the side of the box with a message (eat the other cereal first)

In a lower cabinet, install a roll-out rack with hooks (mounted to the inside top) so you can hang pots and pans, saving space. You can also have a roll out rack (attached to the bottom of the shelf) with a place for cookie sheets and a design that allows you to organize the lids.

Do not waste the door space. Add hooks for measuring spoons, measuring ups and oddly shaped utensils, like hand-held juicers.

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The dreaded drawers

The drawers are a “catch all” in most homes. There is a drawer for silverware (which is usually a mess. There are drawers for kids, baggies, odd-shaped gadgets, flashlights, and so on.

Instead of building these open spaces, insert wooden (or adjustable plastic) planks that separate the space without the plastic silverware holder. The space is easy to create, and much neater For other drawers put wooden dividers top to bottom or slanted from left to right. This is an easy way to make the most of drawer space.

The Pantry

Our favorite words when we speak of the pantry is “clear plastic containers.” They come in various sizes so your pantry holds so much more. On the upper shelf, store you store flour, sugar, cornstarch, and any other staple item you use.

Have containers for:

  • Crackers, chips, and cookies
  • Dried fruit, fruit cups, toddler snacks
  • Seasonings
  • Condiments

If your small children will be allowed and able to open the pantry, do not store cleaning products there, but you can place paper products on the very bottom shelf.

You do not have to have an abundance of cabinets, drawers, and pantries for a modern, beautiful, and functional kitchen. You just have to make use of the space you have got.


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  1. Credible building and renovations tips. Thank you! We’re at the moment making major renovations in the house: bathroom/laundry room (the laundry used to be outside extention of the house in the back, not a nice and warm place to be when washing laundry), kitchen cupboards, painting, skylights, decks (done already), sunken lights in dining and lounge rooms. Slowly but surely as our budget is good to go.

    I’ve seen its improvement compared to the past 17 years we lived here.

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