U-Shaped Marble Kitchen Island With Sink

Spacious kitchen with island ideas

For kitchen furniture, like most furniture in other rooms, or more precisely, the way in which they are arranged is based on certain comparative names borrowed from other fields of science or art. Thinking about how to fit your kitchen in modern times, many have come up with words – “island”. Just as familiar, maybe a mysterious geographical term. But probably nobody doubts what the word “island” means. In the kitchen furniture design terminology it is a furniture ornament in the middle or not in the middle of the room. More precisely, the island furniture does not come in contact with other furniture or the walls of the room. It’s like a boat floating in the room.

If your interior designer or architect will offer you the perfect island cuisine option or you imagine it for yourself, let’s take a look at what’s nice, intriguing and interesting in the interior of the kitchen is now.


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Written by Fortune