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Simple ideas for creating the bedroom

Many of us looking at the pictures of sleek bedrooms on Pinterest or interior magazines, quietly dream to have such a view in own homes. In those dream bedrooms, each item seems to have its place, the bedsheets look like they have just been ironed, and the pillows look perfect. Don’t worry – you can also decorate your bedroom space with just a little imagination and effort.

The basic rule is to get rid of everything that is out of your bedroom and leave only what gives you joy. This can be a vase with freshly picked flowers, scented candles, a book or a child’s drawing. And now, move on to make an order!

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First, decide what kind of result you want

A cluttered bedroom can very easily turn into a chaotic repository of unfitted items. So your first task is to get rid of it. Think about what you really need and what fits your bedroom atmosphere. Soft carpet, bedside table with a book, cozy lighting above the bed – lovely and essential attributes of the bedroom. But there is definitely no place for unloaded boxes, baby toys, or a vacuum cleaner.

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Calm down, and take a look at your bedroom. Go through each item one by one to decide what you want to leave there and what you want to throw out. At this time, don’t think where to put unnecessary items – this will help you make the decision.

Eliminate anything that is distracting

Ideally, the bedroom should be for rest only. Of course, sometimes this is simply impossible. For example, if your bedroom is where you work or use your computer, clean all surfaces before going to bed. Arrange your work items in a cupboard or drawer. The most important thing is to keep as little work-related items as possible in your sights when you prepare to rest.

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It is also convenient to have a bedside table with drawers so that you can hide a book, glasses, medicine boxes and similar items used every night.

Create a calming environment

Answer yourself the question – what is my ideal bedroom? What am I best feeling at? What feelings should it raise? You will probably want peace and quiet, but also something that will return your day-to-day strength. Think about the colors or objects that would help create that environment.

Take a few minutes to stay in your tidy bedroom and think about the colors, objects or new activities you want to get into. Start with small steps – for example, if you want to renovate a bedroom wall, go to a paint shop, apply paint and try out the color of your choice in an invisible place. If you want to do meditation, make a special cozy corner using cushions, incense, and candles. And if you love reading, find a space for a chair and floor lamp.

Of course, the interior of the home is customized to everyone’s taste, but glittering beads in the bedroom should be avoided. Bedding should be gentle and pleasant to the touch. A great choice is cotton, cashmere or other natural high-quality materials.

Take time to enjoy and regain strength

The bedroom is the space of the home where tension and various types of rest interference should be avoided as much as possible. Nothing should distract you there, any extraneous sounds and images, so your phone, TV or tablet should not be there.

Create a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom. Place a diffuser with home fragrances or aromatic oils on your desk or window sill – especially relaxing roses or lavender scents in your bedroom – or dip a bouquet of fresh flowers into a vase.

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You can also use the trick to slowly reduce the amount of light in the room one hour before going to bed by turning off all the lights one by one or blowing out the candles.

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