Recycle, Reorganize, Reuse, Remodel and Renovate

Friday, September 08, 2017

While watching Youtube videos, I checked out some organizing videos for ideas, and I thought this video has 41 interesting tips. This video is about being creative to make most of what you currently have by recycling, reusing, and remodeling into something even better and more useful. And, sometimes, the remodeled version looks even better because you modernized it and gave it a new life.

  1. My favorite organizing tips that I currently use include using baskets, crates, and trays to organize similar small items into groups so that I can find things easier.
  2. Sometimes, I will use glass jars for certain small items.
  3. I sometimes keep old magazines for research purposes, and I will store them inside basic cardboard boxes.
  4. I use an old bookshelf as organizing shelves for my art studio. It mostly has art supplies and artist tools that I need for different art projects.                                                                                                                            Do you have any interesting and unique way to organize your personal space? Share your personal organizing tips because sharing is caring!
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