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I love books.  I mean the things you hold in your hands and read.  I am not one for e-books and e-readers.  I just got a bunch of new books and all for less than $20.  Some of these books I had and read when I was younger and I wanted them, again.  My husband calls me the book junkie because I have so many of them.  Most of the books I have I read more than once.

The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla

I really wanted this one.  I find Nikola Tesla fascinating, but I really do not know that much about him.  Even my husband wants to read this one.

The American Night

This is one that I had when I was a teenager.  It's Jim Morrison's poetry.  I was very inspired by this book when I was a kid.

The Lost Writiings of Jim Morrison

This is another book that I had when I was younger and wanted again.  This one is also Jim Morrison's poetry.

The Lizard King

This one I did not have but I guess you realize that I am a big fan of Jim Morrison and the Door.  Actually, I love Morrrison's poetry best of all.

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