What you should know when choosing the bed for the bedroom

Only thanks to sleep we can create and live, so installing a bedroom and selecting a suitable bed are the important things to do. Therefore, you have to satisfy the various sofa beds that can be stretched, depending on the situation. How to choose  correct bed and mattress? What kind of sofa’s mechanism is more comfortable and what Feng Shui advices for choosing a bed and its location.

Stationary bed

When choosing a stationary bed, first make sure its size fits your room.


After you buy a bed, pay attention to the mattress. Its main function is to ensure the correct position of the spine when sleeping. The mattresses come not only in different sizes, but also in different height, hardness, internal composition. When choosing spring mattresses, choose an option with individual springs, especially if the mattress is double. You will not fall into the middle of the bed or interfere with your partner. For children and adolescents, as well as those who have problems with the upper spine, there will be better mattresses without springs.

Mattress fillers

Here it is best to choose natural latex. Coconut fiber filler is both solid and often used in mattresses for children. However, the most popular materials are artificial latex, foam rubber, foamed polyurethane. If the mattress’s filling is of high quality, the mattress will last for a long time, it will be comfortable to rest on it.

For obese people, harder mattresses are preferable, for the slim people more suitable are mattresses without springs from the latex or its substitutes. People with moderate body better should use mattresses with latex or coconut fibers.

It is needed to say that all fillers have its pluses and minuses, so when you choose a bed with a mattress, try to lie on it, make sure you feel comfortable.

Sofa beds

When buying a sofa bed, we often draw attention to design, color and price, although one of the most important criteria should be the transformation mechanism. You can buy a sofa and just at home to notice that it is difficult to stretch, and it is not comfortable to sleep. It’s hard to say exactly which mechanism is worse and which one is better. Indeed, everything depends on the quality of the product and your taste.

However, more positive feedback can be heard about the mechanism accordion. The sleeping area in these sofas is usually smooth, the sofa is easy to open up. When choosing a sofa bed, be sure to try to stretch before buying. Do not hesitate to ask the seller if you can lie down and feel the sleeping surface to understand if you will be comfortable resting. Do you like the sofa’s back or do you like its height?

Evaluate the size

When you come to a spacious furniture shop with a lot of upholstered furniture, it’s hard to measure the true sizes of the models you like. They are visually smaller than in the room. Therefore, before you buy, measure the product size.

If you plan to place the sofa back to the wall, and in the salesroom it is in the center, imagine how it looks in your room. By buying it often turns out that the back of the sofa is too far from the wall – it’s not a shortage, it just does not always look nice. Important: do not order a sofa or bed online or in a directory without first seeing the model “live.”

Choosing a bed and locating it by Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, the preference should be given to those beds that look simple in shape, smooth, with no sharp corners.

Special attention is paid to the shape of the back of the bed: semi round or round, rectangular, with sharp edges or rounded wavy.

Choose a bed with a semi-round or round back symbolizing the metal element in case you are businessmen or executives.

For those working on physical work, it is advisable to choose a bed with a wooden rectangular backside. It embodies the element of wood and earth.

Rounded wavy shapes for creative professionals: artists, writers, journalists, musicians, dancers, etc. It corresponds to the water element.

Place a single bed with a headboard to the wall or along it, and double bed so that it can be freely accessible from both sides.


It will be good if after you wake up, you see the whole room and door. However, at the same time, the bed must stand so that the coming man does not immediately notice it, that is, not near and not in front of the door.
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