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Ideas of how to create minimalist design style for your home interior

Minimalist style comes from Japanese interior design. The basic rule that must be followed when creating a minimalist interior is “less is more.” In normal language, it would mean “the less it’s the better.” Minimalist interiors, like the island’s in the boundless ocean, where is dominating the function. In the minimalist interior a more important role is given to function than to the form. The function is the queen there.

Minimalism in the interior rescues us from the finishes, decorative elements and accessories, furniture and luminaries, and gives us a sense of freedom or shelter for a person who is saturated already of material goodness. The minimalist interior is the path to the other quality of the material. The minimalist style gives the impeccable quality of the finish material, the interior detail and the elements of the decor.

If you ask your heart what its interior philosophy is, probably the answer would be – an interior that is simple: walls and floors are easy to clean, spaces and rooms are easy to handle, the planes are neither too wide nor too long, just enough for the legs to stretch and fit your head. A house where you can enjoy steaming tea or coffee, savory salad or steaks, interestingly spend your free time and where you can share your sorrows, troubles and joy.

It does not necessarily have to be a modern, minimalist interior, and not even luxurious. The philosophy of the heart’s interior is likely to be the simplicity and purity of the line, shapes and space.

Simple design, sunny mood – this is the benefits of this style. The space in the living room should give you a sense of tranquility. The interior of the house vibrates in its simplicity, more precisely in silence and tranquility. This style, which does not contain many things, is suitable for those who try to give up any unnecessary elements.

Minimalism style strongly emphasizes only certain details in the interior. The most commonly used are high-quality and natural materials – glass, wood, metal. It’s modern interior – full of living energy, not overburdened with the details – for the people who know the value.

From where to start

Minimalist interior is not necessarily the one in which are only the walls alone. Just here, every item needs to perform a certain function, it is really needed. Aesthetically, emphasis is placed on space, for example, buildings have only the necessary number of walls. In order to restructure your home in a minimalist way, unnecessary partitions and walls should be abandoned, emphasis on room space, clear lines and order. Minimalist skeptics would say that the house turn into a desolation, but they should even acknowledge that order and tranquility at home determine a much better quality of life.

Choice of colors

Decorating the minimalist style, you will have to abandon most commonly used standards. The color here is not a means to create a dramatic effect. In most cases, the walls are white, but some quiet shades, such as green or coral, can be used. This neutral, light reflective color palette helps expand home space. The emphasis is on architectural solutions and interior accessories and furniture.

The texture of a minimalist decor is smooth, but soft to touch. The windows are not covered with curtains, the floors are laid on with an irreproachable, up to glossy parquet. A baseboard are modest, designed only to fulfill their function – to cover the gap between the wall and the floor, rather than stand out in a sophisticated design.

Kitchen furniture is recommended to lacquer so that they are constantly shiny and clean. For the same reason – easy maintenance – a popular choice of granite countertops. Thus, a minimalist decor does not require complicated textures, except where they carry out a certain function, such as rugged leather upholstery or large pattern carpet.


Minimalist decorated houses are not rich in accessories, as the greatest effect is made by space and light play. There is no need for collections of artwork – it’s better to hang one or two really good works that do not grow over the room.

Look for clear geometric shapes and asymmetric lines. Highlight metal furniture’s structure by matching a solid metal item or highlight a quality household appliance that not only performs its functions but also decorates the room. It is important to select the accessories very carefully and save extra space, because the quality and appearance of the furniture and accessories will only be revealed when the space is sufficient.

Minimalism is popular because the interior of this style is very light and free. Minimalism is the style of life that stands out as an organization and orderliness. Minimalism is loved by creative people who value the combination of simplicity, sophistication, beauty and practicality.

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