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Home decor experiences or things you would not want repeating

When working in the field of home decor, I constantly listen to the wishes of my clients. So I decided to share some practical tips. People who refurbish their homes ask to edit some of their previous mistakes. So, what it is?

So I have listed below the things that sometimes make home life no matter how beautiful and charming it looks.  I have always preferred that home should look not only aesthetically but practicality also needs to be sought, although sometimes it seems so difficult to reconcile.

White dining table chairs in the kitchen.

They look endlessly charming at the oak kitchen table, but white chairs are so impractical, even the plastic ones which seem easy to clean. But unfortunately. If the dining area is located in the kitchen, it is natural that you will not avoid the constant contact with the food, so the light color will become grayer. And scrubbing them is usually very difficult.

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Parquet imitation tiles

Something that initially seemed to work well because it’s much easier to maintain than parquet or laminate, but over time you may run into the problem of getting sharp corners if the tile cracked harder. And when it comes to replacing the entire flooring, there will be a lot of things to do as you will need to break all the tiles (otherwise you will not remove them).

Open shelves in the kitchen

As much as you may enjoy exhibiting things, cleaning up the sticky greasy dust will not be your favorite job. So better choose at most one open shelf, and instead of the others, make a hanging cabinet.

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Light granite sink

Its biggest minus is that it stains from the food residue, so you can’t leave unwashed dishes in it. But the minus of a dark granite sink would probably be very visible even the slightest scratches.

Rough countertop pattern

Many people want a stone countertop, but unfortunately, the price for the kitchen becomes very high, so they choose a simple laminated countertop. If it’s not a rough pattern, it’s fine, but it’s much harder to clean than a smooth surface.

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Fabric couch living with a dog

You will be glad that your sofa is at least as bright or dark as the dog’s hair. But usually there is a lot of hair on the couch, and it takes tremendous effort to vacuum. If you have a dog, better prefer leather, though your skin may feel it is too cold.

Open fireplace

For many, this seems like a very romantic and necessary thing, especially if you can get it installed. Still, it’s not so adorable, at least after having it a few years The main cons would be: a very hot site when ignited, a specific smell when first lit during the cold season until the dust in the fireplace burns out. And the farther it gets, the less often it gets fired up (so that’s probably the joy of settlers).

Not having a separate laundry room

I think that would be the perfect thing to handle the load of laundry. Having a separate room and not cluttering your bathroom with dirty or drying laundry would be perfect since not all clothes are put in the dryer.


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