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Decorating On A Dime – The Bedroom

Making a beautiful bedroom does not have to cost a fortune, with a little knowledge you can and will have a nice new room for around $50.00.

I usually always keep the bedroom wall color white, this is another room I can create a new look with with the curtains,comforter and the accessories. I fell it should be repainted every 5 years, mine is not due but the paint with painting accessories runs around or less than $23 per room.

Decorating the bedroom should take thought, you need to think about how you use this room. Do I just sleep in the bedroom? How much time am I in the bedroom? Do you have a t.v. in the bedroom or is it just for relaxing?

In my opinion the bedroom should be your quiet place, a place to feel comfortable, a stress free zone. A place to recharge from the day filled with work and it should be a technology free zone.

With that being said I also like to keep the bedroom as minimal as possible, easy to clean but still with taste.

The Comforter – Bedspread

I just changed my bedroom color, from the dark warm colors of winter, I had maroon and deep golds, a floral comforter that was thick and heavy to keep me warm. The curtains were tan but with hints of gold.

I knew I wanted something brighter, a new lighter summer color, also the weight of the comforter is different since I will not need blankets, the comforter will be just enough over my bed sheets if I get a chill while sleeping.

We have several discount stores around and a new one I discovered is called “Roses.” They have nice stuff but at super cheap prices!

I found a wall filled with comforter sets, sizes are full, queen and king. And this is the amazing thing, all of them are $29.99! Each set has the comforter, 2 shams, a bed skirt and a set of sheets with pillow cases! All for under $30! Okay its a penny but still a set of sheets cost more than that for a king size bed.

I chose a soft pattern with light gray and very light yellow on a white background.

King size comforter set  – $29.99

The Curtains

Since I changed the complete color of the comforter I needed new curtains to match, and since I did not spend a paycheck on the comforter set I could actually buy curtains.

I did not chose the “Roses” discount store for curtains, I seen none that I liked. So I went to Walmart, since I have bought curtains from them many times in the past I knew I would find something I like and at a reasonable price.

I was not disappointed! They had a huge selection of all types.

When you buy curtains for the bedroom you need to think about how much light you want. Do you like to sleep by moonlight and like to wake to the sun coming in the windows? Or do you need complete darkness to sleep?

I am a complete darkness person! I need dark to get a good rest. So I chose room darkening panels. The brand is the store brand, Mainstays and I have always been pleased with the brand.

I picked a gray color, this time rod pocket, and the best part was they came in a pair and I was not changed for each panel! All for the awesome price of $9.98 this is unheard of! A “pair” of room darkening curtains for under $10!

Two Windows – Two sets of curtains = $19.96


When I say minimal I do not mean nothing sitting around! I like a few cute things around, I just do not like cluttered and dusty to sleep in and around. Since I chose the colors gray and pale yellow for the comforter I want to bring out some of that yellow since I did gray for the curtains.

I looked around my house to see what I did have in yellow, in no time flat I had accessories from my own collection of things.

No new out of pocket cost.

I chose a pair of love birds I inherited from my dad, I also chose a pair of giraffes I inherited from an elderly cousin, both in yellow.

There you have it, a nice peaceful place to sleep for under $50! With this new comforter you now have a summer look and you still have your nice warm and heavy comforter to switch back over to when the temps dip down to winter again.

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By Andria Perry

Photos By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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