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Decorating On A Dime – The Bathroom

Nowadays we all have to find a way to save money but still have the best and make rooms look better than they actually cost to decorate.

The bathroom is one place that is used most in a home and not just by the people living there but by guests as well, so we all want to make them look nice all the time.

I tend to go minimal most of the time and the bathroom is one place that I want to apply minimalism because it needs to be cleaned more than other rooms and who wants a lot of stuff sitting around to wipe off?

I also get bored with one color in the bathroom so I always use white paint for the walls, with white walls I can go crazy with color and change up the decor every few months, seasonal if I want, the warm tones for Fall and Winter and the brights and cool colors for the Spring and Summer. Most discount stores like Walmart carry semi gloss/ satin white paint for $10 a gallon and that is plenty for the normal small bathrooms, for trim and two coats of paint. Usually you will need one coat unless you are covering over a dark color. I do not use flat paint in a bathroom, its gets to moist and can mildew or mold.

White paint = $10

Next to most Walmart store`s you will find a dollar tree, that is the cheapest and best place to buy the painting accessories, Everything is a dollar!. A pack of 3 paint brushes, each a different size, the paint tray with roller handle and roller nap and a plastic drop cloth. All of which can be washed off and reused for years! but don`t wash the plastic drop cloth, just roll and store for next painting job.

Painting accessories = $3.00

Now that you have a nicely painted bathroom lets move to the color! I am a fool with color. I tend to go wild with the shower curtain and get a pattern with many colors so I can have a choice of color for the bathroom rug.

Once again I am at Walmart because I find their selection of bathroom decor is just as good as other discount stores and the price is a few dollars cheaper. A nice shower curtain can last for 15 years, yes I have one that is 15 years old, I switch to it on occasion for a change up and I bought it at Walmart, So spending $20 is not a bad thing for a shower curtain. I also get my liner there and I always stick to white so I can change the curtain and keep the liner in place. I always get the one that has the magnets at the bottom because it keeps them down and nor clinging to you when showering, they are usually $3.00

Show curtain and liner $23.00

To add more color I go for a bath rug that matches the shower curtain, for instance, if I have a wild designed with lots of color I pick one of the colors I like best and got with it as the color for the bathroom rug, depending on the size and I usually always pick the size in the middle so about $15 for that rug.

Bath rug – $15.00

And last but most important, towels. I tend to buy white wash clothes and use those till they wear out but the towels? I like to add a couple when I change the shower curtain. Since my shower curtain is multi color I picked a color that matched the rug for two towels and one that pulled another color from the shower curtain, then I stacked a couple more from what I already had to have a full set for use in the bathroom. Walmart again! They have a nice size bath towel for $2.49 each, I bought four for $10.00.

Bath towels – $10.00

Now that is $61 to update the decor in you bath room. If you do not have to paint that will be a sweet $48 for a nice new look in the bathroom. With proper care you can do a switch up for a seasonal bathroom decor and the sets will last you for many, many years to come.

How is that for decorating on a dime?

By Andria Perry

Photos by Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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