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6 tips for remodeling home interior without much investment

Home repair should be the basis for many years. Use the quality and durable materials when you are repairing your home. However, if you live all the time in the same decorated apartment, it’s probably become boring. It’s like watching the same performance. There is some very simple advice how to change your living space without doing a repair that would require time and much money.

First tip: paint or simply draw

It turns out that armed with a paint brush and interior paints, you can change the apartment unrecognizably. And you do not need to repaint the walls if the color is not “deadly” (that’s why you have painted walls in bright colors). It goes without saying that if the walls are painted, some of their areas may be shattered, dirty, worn down so choosing the right color can only be applied to the areas that need to be refined. (Therefore, it is always worthwhile to write down the name of the paint, and the color number).

The paint can be used much more extensively and more interestingly. For example, in order to eliminate stains on the walls, it is possible to put stencils pictures of another color on them (you can create a stencil yourself, just simply cut out the desired shape from thicker paper). Or paint the door windows (as well as the doors). It is possible to paint window in some unusual colors, such as olive, cherry red, and then apply the same color tone to the curtains.

Unique effects can be obtained if we repaint furniture. Usually, it’s very difficult to make a decision, but if the furniture is so bothering you are ready to throw out it, then the first, it’s better to just try to repaint and refresh it. Of course, it’s not about very expensive massive furniture, but only about wooden, made of glued wood panels or plastic items. In this way, it is possible to update not only the child seat or the shelf but also the entire furniture of a living room or kitchen. Just pay attention to the color – select it so that the repainting will perform its role – change the room’s image. Before painting the surfaces, they must be decreased, prime the scratches, and then paint normally, apply a few layers.

Second Tip: Glue up

Damaged (or simply boring) wallpapers can also be updated without much investment. Paste on the spots the other fragments of color matching wallpapers and highlight them with special edges or lightweight moldings. Or simply use decorative wallpaper tapes. You can enclose the walls of the children’s room with their drawings, as well as playful applications of colored paper, beautiful fabric, old wallpaper remnants, etc.

If there are small children in the family, one very good option is to cover all the walls up to half its height with large sheets of thick paper and allow the children to draw on them themselves (they can always be replaced). Adhesive film can be used to refresh the furniture. Particularly good is the periodic renovation of the surface of kitchen furniture because if they are of poor quality, they fast become dirty and the paint does not look very nice.

Third tip: cover up

The easiest way to change the walls is to hang something on them. It can be paintings and at the moment, a very fashionable detail – framed photographs. If you do not want to search for an author’s professional photographer, you can frame a photo from a high-quality wall calendar or a copy of a photo of a family album.

It looks great in black and white and somewhat aged photography. By the way, it is worthwhile giving the attention: in order to avoid drilling holes every time in the wall, by choosing their height according to the hanging pictures, it is very convenient to do the hanging rope from the ceiling, as it is done in the exhibitions and as often as possible to change the exposition at home.

Fourth Tip: change materials or add them 

The housewives change their fabrics according to the season, but it is possible to change the summer-winter sets more often. Currently, there is a very large supply of different types and models of windows decorations, so it would be a sin to not use it. Change the curtains with shutters, the blinds with Roman curtains, heavy lightweight fabrics, etc. For diversification, textiles can be used not only for windows but also for door openings.

Together with the curtains, you can change all the other fabrics in the room: napkins, rugs, covers, sofa cushions covers, etc. Sometimes it is also worthwhile to change the furniture upholstery – at the moment it can be done independently. A very viable idea – to make or order furniture covers for not only for sofas and armchairs but also for chairs. Fabrics can be used even for flower pots: just put them in fabric bags, and from the top, attach a strip or rope.

Fifth tip: change or add details

With the help of well-chosen details, you can create an image and fundamentally change the interior of the apartment, and so redirect the attention of problematic areas. Replace the entire collection of accessories. Place an aquarium in the room: it becomes the center of gravity in any room. With the help of screens or shattering walls, you can redistribute the apartment space with new zones. Buy new pots, hanging baskets or shelves for indoor plants. Changing luminaires and lamps is a great way to create an illusion of renewal: if you do not want to abandon them, at least change their hoods.

Sixth and last tip: throw away or rebuild

In order to change the interior of an apartment, it is sometimes enough to only remove things which are not necessary there. Well, look at your belongings (including furniture): for some things may be a good time to say goodbye. If everything is dear for you, try to think out and somehow rebuild everything: at least “push” the furniture from one room to another.


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