TV Cooking Shows: Who is Your Favorite Chinese Chef?

Growing up in my day (the 50s, 60s, and 70s) there were hardly any TV programs with cooks and chefs that taught you how to be a kitchen diva.  But nowadays there are television networks wholly devoted to the topic of cooking techniques, sharing recipes and food diversity or world cuisine.  Cooking shows are also all over YouTube.  My husband searches for cooking videos.  But I liked watching the public broadcast channels (like PBS) or the cooking channels on cable TV such as FoodNetwork.

These are my four favorite Chinese chefs.

  • Martin Yan
  • Ming Tsai
  • Ching He Huang
  • Kylie Kwong

Ever heard of them or watched their shows?

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#3 Ching He Huang (She attended school but it is said she is self-taught.)

She was such a good chef they invited her to come to America to do a TV show. ~ “Easy Chinese San Francisco” with Ching He Huang


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