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The world's most colorful cafe

Elegant and colorful things attract everyone’s attention, and many people in the world are passionate about colorful things but have you ever heard of the world’s most colorful cafes?

Thailand’s Bangkok has the world’s most colorful ‘Unicorn Cafe’, specially designed for the theme of Unicorn.

Everything in this ‘Unicorn Cafe’ is colorful while the most interesting thing about this cafe is that everything offered here is colorful. Including cakes, spaghetti, waffles and various colorful food.

This cafe is built on the theme of ‘Unicorn’, which is why unicorns, colorful wallpapers, colorful pillows and toys are placed on every table in this cafe’s interior.

Unicorn Cafe ‘is only in Bangkok and the owners of the cafe are proud of it, assuming they have no other branches, this cafe’s Instagram page has an informational message with each photo. Unicorn cafes cannot be booked in advance or have a reservation.

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