Transport system in Thailand

In my opinion, the main problem of Phuket you will encounter right at the exit from the airport – these are inadequately high prices for taxis and all that is considered a private taxi (including tuk-tuks)! To get to Patong from the airport, for example, the prices are standard and no one bargains, which is 800 baht. When moving between the beaches of Phuket, you will also be charged the cost of 400 baht to a nearby beach and to more distant – 600 and 800.

If your plane lands in the morning and afternoon, then you should use either a bus or a minibus (minivan). To do this, you need to go to the exit to the appropriate stop at the airport. The bus runs every hour, starting from 8 and until 20-30 approximately, costs about 120-150 baht, has official stops. Minibus walks as it fills up and finishes moving about an hour earlier, costs a little more than 180 baht, but it can take you directly to the hotel.

Take a map of Phuket at the airport, find your beach on it, so as not to get lost in stops if you are traveling by bus. Such a trip will take from 40 minutes to an hour (this is Patong), to Karon and distant beaches, respectively, longer. The road will go along mountainous terrain, therefore, at first glance, a small distance is overcome for a long time, but the landscapes themselves are picturesque.

Increased travel time and traffic jams at all major beaches. Especially if you are going to relax south of Patong (Karon, Kata, Nai Harn). 

If your flight arrives too late or early, then only taxi drivers will help you. But here you can consider the option of transfer from the hotel. To do this, you need to contact the hotel, perhaps their transfer will be cheaper, especially if you are not alone on this flight, who goes to them. Or it may turn out that the transfer is generally free – consider this factor when searching for a hotel. You can also cooperate with someone at the airport and take one car.

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